Resume – Thomas O’Hare – Information Systems Engineer

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This is a partial list detailing my last Ten Years of “Hands On” Information Systems experience working with small to large corporations. Most of my experience is with sizable, complex, multi-site installations having a net worth ranging from millions to billions of dollars. I am a key player with every position I hold and responsible for not only generating larger profits, but also keeping sites/users running efficiently in 24/7 environments. My experience focuses on “Data” and the manner in which it is Gathered, Stored, Transmitted and Utilized. I am positioned for next generation technologies such as “Internet of Things” (IoT). IoT encapsulates networking of physical objects/devices while enabling them to collect or exchange information with both archived and real-time data sources. This includes the merging of Data, Networks, Systems and Devices thus allowing it to be implemented in a dynamic, intelligent, real world environment.

RedTile IT, Inc. 2015 – Current – Florida

- Amazon Web Services (AWS) such as SES, Lambda, API, IoT, RDS, etc.

- Transition legacy servers to redundant Virtual Machine environment.

- Create redundant services and multi-homed Server/Cloud systems.

- Interface Fiber/Copper multi-WAN to internal network systems.

- System Admin for Web/Email/File/Data Servers and interfacing Clouds.

- Implement security measures for encrypted data transfer systems.

-- Implement Network Area Storage (NAS) and redundant backup systems.

- Implement secure Protocols/Security for end to end communications.

- Maintain MS SQL Server and MySQL Databases and stored procedures.

Acclaris Corp. 2015 – Contract – Florida

- Infrastructure Upgrade/Transition of legacy multi-platform systems.

- Implement Efficient/Reliable/Secure financial transfer systems.

- Create comprehensive solution on new Server/Network infrastructure.

- Discovery/Documenting of existing multiple vendor legacy solutions.

- Work in multi-site enterprise Windows/Linux/VM server environment.

- Work in secure environment and protocols with financial data.

-- Solely responsible for entire collection and documenting of systems.

UAMC/Lennar Financial Systems 2011-2015 – Contract--Florida

-- Complex SQL Server 2005/2008/2012 Data/Stored Procedures/Functions.

-- Modify User front ends (UI/UX), Databases (end to end interaction).

-- Solely responsible for all modifications to numerous projects.

-- Work with corporate teams located at multiple national locations.

-- Work with very limited documentation on all aspects of projects.

-- T-SQL, Stored Procedures, Functions, variety of data connectors.

-- Integral role in doubling company profits to 500 million 2012/2013.

-- Implemented complex rules for Bank, Federal agency interaction.

-- Worked in a Citrix Client/Server and Remote Desktop environment.

-- Utilized MS Visual Studio 2005/2010/2012, SSIS, SSRS, MS Office.

-- Documented new technologies and methodologies for IT/IS Departments.

Data Age 2010-2011 – Contract -- Florida

-- Transform existing applications into data driven applications.

-- Create new markets by adding unlimited user language support.

-- Create mufti-lingual interface for apps in less time than specified.

-- Interface with MS SQL Server 2005/2008 for large data back ends.

-- Create MS SQL Server Tables, Views to interact with existing data.

-- Used advanced OOP programming concepts far beyond existing code.

-- Personally designed, created and tested all aspects of Data and GUI.

-- Solely responsible for managing entire project during project cycle.

-- Update and optimize existing code and data in Desktop applications.

-- Create complete project documentation for Internal/Customer use.

-- Solely responsible for project design, implementation and testing.

Contractor 2009-2010 – Worldwide Companies

-- Worked for multiple companies on a Consultant/Contractor basis.

-- Maintain existing and create new Databases, Tables and Procedures.

-- Install and maintain servers including Web, File and Email.

-- Maintain and implemented Terminal Server and RDT access services.

-- Plan new and maintain existing LAN, WAN and WiFi networks.

-- Install and maintain PCs, Servers, Networks and network security.

-- Install and maintain Routers, Firewalls and Switches including VLAN.

-- Consulted with Corporations and Contractors for best IT practices.

Future Health 2008-2009 -- W2 – Florida

-- Install, configure and maintain Terminal Servers/Services and RDT.

-- Integrate client devices into Terminal Server installations.

-- Install, maintain encrypted bidirectional SSL/TLS network tunnels.

-- Assemble and maintain Windows 2003/2008 servers at numerous sites.

-- Maintain multiple FTP/FTPES sites (Plain/Encrypted file transfer).

-- Install and maintain network devices, Terminal Server and RDT.

-- Test, monitor and analyze Network Services with diagnostic software.

-- Integrated SQL Server, VFP and other database back ends seamlessly.

JP Morgan 2008 -- Contract -- Florida

-- Senior Infrastructure Transition Project Manager – Tier 3.

-- Worked in cooperation with bank Treasury and Security services.

-- Managed 16 to 20 simultaneous infrastructure transition projects.

-- Used secure PKI, TLS/SSL, FTPS, HTTPS encryption technologies.

-- 100% Responsible for project monitoring, progress and completion.

-- Implement Public/Private encryption keys for secure protocols.

-- Work with multiple file types (EDI, XML, CSV, etc.) and Platforms.

-- Responsible for safe exchange of sensitive financial information.

Homeland Security Related Work 2007 -- Contract -- Alabama

-- Interface with secure MS SQL Server and Oracle 9i databases.

-- GUI front ends for real time inter-agency incident reporting.

-- Maintain/Test mission critical services and applications.

-- Maintain Enterprise wide applications and back end Data stores.

-- Interface with Local, State & Federal Law Enforcement systems.

-- Used EDI and XML for inter-agency data exchanges and reporting.

-- Maintain LEADS and EDI applications for Law Enforcement agencies.

Resume for Thomas O'Hare

Thomas@RedTile.Com or Thomas.OHare.RTS@GMail.Com


A quick list of recent skills I have acquired during my career. I have hands on moderate to advanced working knowledge of many technologies over numerous years including:

Terminal Server/Terminal Services/Citrix Services/VMWare/XenServer and XenCenter.

Wireless Hardware/Software & Firmware including WiFi, Cellular, Bluetooth.

Cloud Services, Web Services and Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP).

Project Management – From initial concept to implementation and completion.

Network Topology – LAN/MAN/WAN/Cloud, Including Ethernet, multiple gateways.

Network Protocols – Low level protocols including IP, TCP, UDP, ARP and ICMP.

Network Protocols – High level protocols such as SMTP, FTP, HTTP, IMAP, POP3.


Network Hardware/Software, Programming, LAN, WAN and Cloud based systems.

Database Back ends including MS SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, FoxPro, Relational databases.

Database Programming, T-SQL, Data Exchange, Database Structure and SSIS/SSRS.

Database Stored Procedures, Triggers, Functions, Email Services on MS SQL Server.

Data transfer end to end -- including XML, EDI, CSV and Network level datagrams.

Disparate Systems interfacing – Including Fixed, Mobile, Cloud and Enterprise assets

Data Collection Technologies such as RFID, Scanners, Hand held devices, Signature Pads.


Languages: MS Visual Studio, T-SQL, .Net, MS Visual FoxPro, Visual Basic, XML, Python, numerous scripting languages.

Technology: Cloud Computing, Web Services, NAS, Terminal Services, Remote Access, Mail Servers, FTP Servers, Web Servers, File Servers, Data Servers, Virtual Machines, Team Foundation Server.

Data Sources: MS SQL Server 2005/2008/2012, Oracle 9i, MS VFP Tables & Databases (all versions), MySql 5.x, flat files, CSV, EDI, XML.

Hardware: Desktop PCs, Servers, VM Servers, Laptops, Smart Phones, WiFi, Access Points, Bluetooth, Firewalls, Routers, Managed Switches, Bridges, Network, Embedded Devices, Mobile Devices.

Operating Systems: Microsoft Windows 2003/2008/2012 Server, Android, Windows 7/8/10, Linux servers, Embedded Operating Systems (eOS)

Networks: Cisco, 3Com, Netgear, LinkSys routers, hubs, firewalls, Wireless Networks, Access Points, Bridges, Intelligent Switches

Internet: Web Servers, Web Services, Cloud Computing, Mail Servers, Data Mining, Internet of Things, TCP/UDP/IP, LAN/WAN/MAN.

EDUCATION: B.S. Electronics Engineering Technology, University of Central Florida