Work Experience Highlights for Thomas O’Hare

Thomas@RedTile.Com -- Thomas.OHare.RTS@GMail.Com

RedTile IT, Inc. 2015 – Florida

Transitioned legacy servers to redundant Virtual Machine environment.

Created redundant networks interfaced with multi-homed server systems.

Interfaced fiber/copper dual WAN to fiber/copper internal networks.

System Admin for Web/Email/File/Data Servers and interfacing Clouds.

Implemented security measures and encrypted data transfer systems.

- Implemented Network Area Storage (NAS) and redundant backup systems.

Maintained Databases and T-SQL stored procedures for SQL Server/MySQL.

Acclaris Corp. 2015 – Contract – Florida

Infrastructure upgrade/transition of legacy multi-platform systems.

Implemented efficient/reliable/secure financial file transfer systems.

Created comprehensive solution on new server/network infrastructure.

Discovery/documenting of existing multiple vendor legacy solutions.

Worked in multi-site enterprise Windows/Linux/VM server environment.

Worked in secure environment and protocols with financial data.

Universal American Mortgage Company (UAMC) 2011/2014 – Contract

-- Migrated existing VFP apps to a new Loan Origination System (LOS).

-- Modified complex SQL Server 2005/2008/2012 Data/Stored Procedures.

-- Modified VFP GUI front ends and Data sources end to end.

-- Sole engineer responsible for multiple project modifications.

-- Worked with corporate teams from multiple national locations.

-- Helped corporate double business in 2012 to 500 Million.

-- Worked without documentation on all aspects of front/back ends.

-- Used ANSI & T-SQL for data using variety of data connections

-- Worked Enterprise level with multiple offices to accomplish tasks.

-- Designed/Implemented complex business rules for Mortgage Banks.

-- Integral role in doubling company profits to 500 million 2012/2013.

-- Implemented complex rules for Banks, Federal agency interaction.

-- Work in a Citrix Client/Server and Remote Desktop environment.

-- Used Visual Studio 2005/2010/2012, Team Foundation Server, Office.

-- Documented new technologies and methodologies for IT Department.

Data Age 2010/2011 – Contract -- Florida

-- Transformed static VFP applications into data driven applications.

-- Created international markets by adding multilingual support.

-- Wrote powerful “Data Harvesters” to create meta-data tables.

-- Used VFP and MS SQL Server 2005/2008 for data storage.

-- Created VFP, MS SQL Server tables, views, Sequel statements, etc.

-- Transformed several Financial Transaction software applications.

-- Personally designed, created and tested all aspects of Data and GUI.

-- Solely responsible for managing entire project.

-- Updated and optimized existing VFP code and data in applications.

-- Created complete project documentation for internal/external users.

-- Solely responsible for project design and implementation.

Consultant 2009/2010 – Worldwide Companies

-- Tech Writer/Reviewer for www.Barcode.Com & www.PointOfSale.Com

-- Program new and existing applications in VFP & other languages.

-- Maintain and create tables, databases and schemas.

-- Installed and maintained servers including web, file and email.

-- Maintain and implement terminal server and services.

-- Planned new and maintained existing LAN and WAN.

-- Implemented new and existing WiFi WAN, LAN, MAN and Bridges.

-- Created and maintained PC, Server and network security.

-- Installed and maintained routers, firewalls and switches.

-- Consulted with businesses and contractors for best IT practices.

Future Health 2008/2009 -- W2 – Florida

-- Programmer/Systems Analyst for leading Medical Software company.

-- Create medical text notes (SOAP) from doctor’s rapid GUI input.

-- Automate tasks such as billing, scheduling, insurance claims.

-- Created classes to bring application into true OOP methodology.

-- Moved old novice script code into true VFP 9 programming code.

-- Write and maintain an entire Office Suite of medical products.

-- Planned, orchestrated and implemented new application features.

-- Write apps for use on Terminal Server for external devices.

-- Taught advanced VFP programming/OOP to mid-level VFP programmers.

-- Integrate Network/Secure features into major VFP applications.

-- Worked with Native VFP tables and SQL Server tables.

-- Wrote Stored Procedures and Triggers for SQL Server.

JP Morgan 2008 -- Contract -- Florida

-- Senior Infrastructure Transition Project Manager.

-- Worked with Treasury and Security Services.

-- Manage 16 to 20 simultaneous infrastructure transition projects.

-- Used PKI, SFTP, FTPES, SSL, HTTPS technologies.

-- 100% Responsible for project progress and completion.

-- Coordinate implementation of Public/Private keys & Secure Protocols.

-- Work with multiple file types (EDI, XML, etc.) and Platforms.

-- Responsible for safe exchange of sensitive financial information.

-- Single contact point for internal & external entities.

Homeland Security Related Work 2007 -- Contract -- Alabama

-- Extensive EDI data exchange using VFP.

-- Developed in depth Business rules for data exchange using VFP.

-- Interfaced with MS SQL 2005 and Oracle 9i back ends.

-- GUI front ends for real time incident reporting.

-- Maintained mission critical VFP applications.

-- Maintained Enterprise wide VFP applications and Data.

-- Interfaced with Local, State & Federal Agencies.

EU 2006 -- Contract -- Deutschland

-- Worked with Embedded devices for manufacturing.

-- Created and Maintained Network, Serial Port & USB I/O operations.

-- Wrote TCP/IP/UDP packet level data exchange in VFP via Win32 API.

-- Administered Servers around the world.

-- Worked with embedded operating systems.

-- Interfaced with many protocols such as SMTPS, FTPES, HTTPS.

Resume for Thomas O'Hare

Thomas@RedTile.Com or Thomas.OHare.RTS@GMail.Com


A quick list of recent skills I have acquired during my career. I have at least a very good working knowledge in all of these areas:

Terminal Server/Terminal Server Services.

Wireless Hardware/Software and Firmware including WiFi, Cellular, Bluetooth, etc.

Project Management – Including from concept to finished product

Network Topology – LAN/MAN/WAN, Including Ethernet

Network Protocols – Low level protocols including IP, TCP, UDP, and ARP and ICMP

Network Protocols – Including High level such as SMTP, FTP, HTTP, IMAP, POP3

Secure Network Protocols – VPN, SSL, TLS, FTPES, HTTPS, PGP and more

Network Hardware/Software, Programming and embedded devices

Software Libraries, Software Design – Applications and Operating System Interface

Application Programming -- including Visual (GUI) and code libraries

Database Back Ends including FoxPro, SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL and more

Database programming including Stored Procedures and Triggers

Database Programming, Data Exchange and Data Maintenance

Data transfer end to end -- including XML, EDI and Network level data packets

Disparate Systems interfacing – Including fixed and mobile assets

Data Collection Technologies such as RFID, Scanners, Handheld devices, Signature Pads


Languages: MS Visual FoxPro 3.x-9.x (20+ years), Visual Basic, MS Visual Studio, HTML, XML, numerous scripting languages, Java, .Net

Technology: Advanced Object Oriented Programming (OOP), Terminal Services, Remote Access, Remote Admin, Mail Servers, FTP Servers, Web Servers, File Servers, Data Servers, Virtual Machines, CLOUD Technology.

Data Sources: VFP Tables and Databases, MS SQL Server, Oracle, MySql, Access

Hardware: Desktop PCs, Servers, WiFi, Access Points, Bluetooth, Routers, Switches, Bridges, Networks, Laptops, Embedded Devices, Mobile

Operating Systems: Windows 2003/2008/2012 Server, Windows 7/8/10, DOS, Linux, Embedded Operating Systems (eOS)

Networks: Cisco, 3Com, NetGear, Belkin (and more) routers, hubs, switches, Wireless Networks, Access Points, Embedded Systems, Bridges

Internet: Web Servers, HTML, XML, ASP, AFP, many other web scripting languages, Webmaster, Page Scrapping, Data Mining and much more.


B.S. Electronics Engineering Technology, University of Central Florida


2000 to Present

Network Programmer/Administrator

Remote sensing and automation

Database & GUI programmer